Monthly Archives: June 2005

Google Releases Google Earth

Google released their “Google Earth” tool today. It seems to be just an updated and FREE version of Keyhole, the company they purchased a few months back. I played with Keyhole a little bit shortly after Google purchased them and it was some pretty slick software then! They’ve since enhanced it with Google’s local search… Read more »

Wired NextFest Chicago

This past weekend I traveled to NextFest in Chicago with a few friends. The event, held at Navy Pier, was a pretty cool. It showcased new and upcoming technology in several different areas. I’ll highlight a few of my favorite exhibits in the different categories. Communication Motorola had a pretty large display set up showcasing… Read more »

Flickr Montager

I ran across another cool Flickr tool today. Flickr Montager will take any image tag that you enter, and create one of those cool photo mosaics out of the images with the tag you’ve entered. You can choose the form that the mosaic takes by clicking one of the thumbnails from the mosaic itself.

Tom Cruise Kills Oprah

I think the title pretty much says it all on this one. Tom Cruise Kills Oprah via

New Mentos Sugarfree!

It’s always a good day when you discover a new type of mentos! Today I ran across new Mentos Sugarfree for the first time. They are exactly what their name says they are… sugar free mentos for those calorie-conscious folks out there. They’re made with Splenda instead of the high test sugar that I’m guessing… Read more »

Best Buy Prices: In Store vs. Web Site

I experienced something a few weeks ago while shopping at Best Buy. I looked up the price/availability of a flash memory card on their website and seeing that it was available and cheaper than any other local stores (needed it right away – couldn’t wait for shipping), I drove down to the store. I scoured… Read more »

Inside a Tornado

With tornado season upon us (at leat in Iowa anyway), I ran across this really interesting link from National Geographic. They took a few video cameras and put them into what looks like a metal base and set them in the path of a tornado. The tornado goes right over top of the camera giving… Read more »

Cool New Tools from Yahoo!

Yahoo has been hard at work lately and has some handy new tools in beta. The first one is called Yahoo! Mindset, and allows you to customize, or lean your search results in a certain direction. It works with the typical Yahoo search box, but the results page presents you with a slider allowing you… Read more »