Monthly Archives: December 2004

How about another weird holiday?

Happy Holifestigala! – America’s Holidayest Holiday The official site comes with tradition, songs, recipes and e-cards to make your Holifestigala more holifestigalative. When we get together to carve the Crab Rangoon, dress the pet Chinchilla and hang a Purple Tumbleweed over our heads, it must mean that the celebration of Holifestigala is upon us. This… Read more »

Need a last minute gift idea?

With just a short while left before Christmas, there isn’t much time left for gift shopping. Luckily Google comes through yet again. You can “Give the Gift of Google” this year. They provide a download of all their software and a lovely image to print for the CD they’re burned on. They also provide a… Read more »

Flickr’s Mappr!

Flickr, the super cool photo organization/sharing/tagging/viewing/playing site has opened up a beta of their new tool called mappr. Mappr is an interactive environment for exploring place, based on the photos people take. What it does (or will do eventually) is take the photos from Flickr and geographically map them to a U. S. map (the… Read more »

An Advert Calendar

No, not an Advent calendar, it’s an Advert calendar. Here are the 12 days of Christmas via holiday commercials from the 80’s. we’re counting down the days till Christmas with a new holiday themed ad from the past reviewed each and every day — and yes, you can download every commercial featured! See what was… Read more »

Yahoo Maps Now Show Traffic Information

Fortunately I don’t live in a large enough city where I have to worry about traffic too much, but if I did the new Traffic on Yahoo! Maps would sure come in handy. They currently cover about 45 US cities with live traffic information that includes traffic speed on certain roads and accidents and lane… Read more »

It’s a Wonderful Life in 30 Seconds with Bunnies

Something a little holiday related. It’s a remake of that classic holiday favorite It’s a Wonderful Life… In 30 seconds… With Bunnies! It’s a Wonderful Life in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies. Um… Yah!

The Alphabet According to Google

Sombody has put together The Suggested Google Alphabet based on the term that first comes up for each letter of the alphabet in Google Suggest. The best thing is… it checks each time you load the page, so if Google changes, it does too.

My Trip to the Apple Store

This past Saturday I braved the holiday crowds madness at the Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines. I was doing a little Christmas shopping but only really stopped at three stores in the entire mall. One of those stores happened to be the new Apple Store. This is the second Apple Store that I’ve been… Read more »

Google Suggest Beta

Boy, those folks a Google keep coming up with cool stuff! They’ve added a neat twist to the regular search. It’s called Google Suggest, and it suggests (hence the name) search terms live as you enter them into the search field. Give it a try!

New Magazine from the Publishers of Wired

Wired Magazine is launching a trial edition of a new magazine called “Test” which is basically an entire magazine of the review section of Wired. I’m an avid Wired reader, and their review section being one of my favorite parts, I’m looking forward to this new mag. It is supposedly being released in a limited… Read more »

Thunderbird 1.0 Released

Mozilla Thunderbird went gold with their 1.0 release today. If you like what Firefox has done for the web browser you may want to give Thunderbird a try. I made the jump to Thunderbird around version 0.9 and really like what they have done. Previously I was using the Mozilla Suite even though I had… Read more »

Geek Gift Guides Galore

Don’t know what you want for Christmas (Hanukkah, Quanza, Winter Solstice, Festivus, Ramadan) yet? Maybe these gift guides will help you find something. Fortune Magazine “Best Products of the Year: Electronics” (thanks Kevin) Wired “Gifts to Sate Your Technolust “ Wired “Wired Tools 2004” Engadget “Gadget Gift Guide Round Up 2004” (a huge list!) What… Read more »

New Netscape Browser Beta Released

I have followed Netscape, and the browser as we know it since NCSA released the very first version of Mosaic in 1993. I watched as Netscape was born from some of the original Mosaic developers. I can honestly say that I have downloaded every version of the Netscape browser since its birth in 1994. I’ve… Read more »