Flickr’s Mappr!

Flickr, the super cool photo organization/sharing/tagging/viewing/playing site has opened up a beta of their new tool called mappr.

Mappr is an interactive environment for exploring place, based on the photos people take.

What it does (or will do eventually) is take the photos from Flickr and geographically map them to a U. S. map (the rest of the world coming soon). There is still discussion on how this will work and where the information for geographic placement will come from (zip code, address, city name tags, etc). It’s still in its very early stages, but definitely fun to play around with… a cool addition to Flickr.

More informatino about the project is avaialbe in Flickr’s Mappr Group.

Update: One of my photos is/was in the Christmas section of the drop-down – look at Iowa.

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