e7 Flash Game

I just ran across a fun new flash game by Jonas Richner. The game is called e7, and even though it’s nothing elaborate, it really pulls you in. You’re goal is to save the earth…

“It’s force is huge
Earth will be dust”

You’re dropped off in a pod of some sorts by your spaceship onto a planet which is kind of acts like big bowl of jello. It shifts and pulls based on how you move your pod over it. Your missions is to head east and find a missile pointed at earth. You need to navigate your pod through the planet avoiding obstacles and enemy ship lasers. Your weapon is your pod which you use to smash enemies by jumping and bouncing off of hills and valleys on the planet. It sounds simple, and looks simple, but really is a beautiful game. The soft soundtrack rounds everything out nicely and puts you into the world of the game.

Play e7

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gravatar Kieran

Finally played this today – it is awesome! The physics of the game are raw yet intuitive. I like simple yet involved games. Played it start to end – now I want about 40 more levels to complete.

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