LCD Handheld Games Now Part of the Internet Archive

Double Dragon Handheld game

I just got lost down a rat-hole of nostalgia. The Internet Archive has recently added a collection of playable old-school handheld video games. Their new Handheld History section houses close to 75 versions of retro handheld games. You can play them emulated right in your browser window! My brothers and I had a number of these games growing up. The collection includes super old school games like Simon and Electronic Quarterback. It also includes many of the the old Konami wedge shaped games (that we had a lot of as kids). I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I remember saving my allowance up for several weeks to buy that one. The collection also includes quite a few of the Tiger brand games as well. My brother had Double Dragon.

The archive blog has a post about the process that goes into archiving these games since it’s not just graphics on a screen like most emulated games. They have to physically take the game apart to determine what parts of the LCD light at which time and to save the pre-printed background image of the screen.

Handheld History Games

Check out the Handheld History Archive, and prepare to get lost in retro game history.

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gravatar Matt

I put a lot of time into Double Dragon. Never beat it. Then again I dont know if these games were ever really beatable.
I also loved my simple Tiger “Electronic Baseball” It had 2 buttons 🙂

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