Monthly Archives: December 2006

Google 2006 Zeitgeist

The Google year end Zeitgeist data is out once again this year. The year-end Zeitgeist is a list of the top searches in various categories on Google. Most year’s results are things I’ve at least heard of. This year there were some interesting things on the list that were foreign to me. Hmmm, what should… Read more »

My New (musical) Friend

It has finally happened. I’m now the proud owner of a shiny green iPod Nano. I’ve used iPods since the first one was released way back when (we’ve used a couple of them at work), but haven’t ever had one of my own that I could load up with my music until now. I’ve lovingly… Read more »

Spectacular Holiday Lights

There was a nice musical holiday lights video making the rounds last year. Well, they’re back again this year with another impressive light show. Last Year’s Holiday Light Display This Year’s Holiday Light Display Apparently this is a pretty popular thing to do since I ran across a few other lovely displays. Another Light Display… Read more »

Google Patents Search

Today Google released a new version of their search too geared specifically to searching the over 7 million patents housed in the U.S. Paten Office. I have to admit, this search is a little bit addictive, and about a million times more user friendly than the one at the patent office site. I think this… Read more »


PikiPimp is a quick easy way to pimp your photographs. Just do a quick upload and then drag and drop the various pimp accessories (for lack of a better term) on top of your photo and then watch as zany hijinx ensue. Once you’ve created your pimped out masterpiece, you can easily embed it into… Read more »

2006 Holiday Gift Guides

As I’ve done the past couple years (though a little late this year), I’ve compiled another list of Holiday Gift Guides for that hard-to-buy-for geek on your list this year. Photojojo Photo Gifts Roundup Uncle Mark Gift Guide and Almanac Engadget Holiday Gift Guide MAKE Open Source Gift Guide Street Tech Holiday Gift Guide Federated… Read more »