Monthly Archives: April 2006

Yahoo! TV Launched

It didn’t take long for Yahoo to get their branded version of Meedio out there. They’ve called it Yahoo Go TV which adds to their Go Mobile and Go PC. I downloaded and installed Go TV and everything seemed to work pretty well. Out of the box, it doesn’t really have the Meedio feel to… Read more »

Street Wars

Check out this live action assassin game in LA. At the beginning of this three-week game, people that have signed up to play get an envelope that includes: A picture of their intended target(s) The home address of their intended target(s) The work address of their intended target(s) The name of their intended target(s) Contact… Read more »

Yahoo! Buys Meedio

This past Tuesday, Yahoo! announced their purchase of technology from Meedio who make software for Entertainment Center PC’s. I’ve been eyeing Meedio for a while now and was planning on using their flagship “Meedio Essentials” application for an HTPC that I’m planning on building this summer. You may also remember some older posts about Jon’s… Read more »

New Look for

I’ve been playing around with a new design for a little while now, and am finally to the point where it’s ready to go live. I don’t think it’s quite done yet (probably won’t ever be satisfied). I’ll still be tweaking things for a while, but I thought I would at least get it out… Read more »

Mentos + Free iTunes

It’s not like I need another reason to buy Mentos, but it looks like I just got one. Looks like Mentos has started offering free song downloads from Apple’s iTunes Music Store with codes located on boxes of Mentos Sours. I haven’t seen any of these free music Mentos Sours boxes in the wild yet,… Read more »

A Pig Just Flew By With an Apple in its Mouth

Well, the rumors came true. Apple announced a program called Boot Camp this morning that will let you boot windows (officially) on a new Intel Macintosh. It was Apple’s birthday last Saturday and they turned 30 years old. I’d be willing to bet that if they’d released this on their birthday (April 1st) nobody would… Read more »