Yahoo! TV Launched

Yahoo TVIt didn’t take long for Yahoo to get their branded version of Meedio out there. They’ve called it Yahoo Go TV which adds to their Go Mobile and Go PC. I downloaded and installed Go TV and everything seemed to work pretty well. Out of the box, it doesn’t really have the Meedio feel to it though. Meedio had a lot more customization options. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to really dig into it, but from what I can tell by looking through the program files someone might be able to customize it like Meedio. In fact, some of the icons in the application directory are still the old red and yellow Meedio icons. I quickly tried dropping in a new theme and couldn’t get it to pick it up. I’m sure someone with a little more knowledge of the inner workings of Meedio shouldn’t have any problems hacking that (or any other plugins for that matter) to work.

As it stands now, it looks like Yahoo is keeping a pretty closed system. The great thing about Meedio is its incredible customization options. I’m hoping (since this is still beta) that they’ll open it up a little more and you won’t need to hack your way around to get plugins and themes to work. If not, the value of this app drops significantly.

UPDATE: It looks like folks on the old Meedio forums already have.

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