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What to learn how to make cool stuff? Do you make cool stuff and want to show the world how it was made? Check out Instructables. It’s a site with a ton of really neat DIY projects. Some of my favorites: Giant Steel Skeleton Hand LED Throwies (i think i want to try this one!)… Read more »

More Mentos Commercials

I like to search for mentos whenever I’m anywhere that has some sort of search engine. Wow! A lot of people have made a lot of really bad Mentos commercial spoofs! With such a wonderful candy though, can you blame them?

Licorice Mentos

I was looking around Walgreen’s today, checking out the Mentos selection (which I do at just about every store that I go into) when I ran across something interesting… Black Licorice Mentos! I’ve had these before, but it’s be quite a while since I’ve seen them… and never in the U.S. The last roll I… Read more »

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Games

The smallest web games in the world! This image is not a thumbnail, that is actual size! Pong PacMan Asteroids Breakout TicTacToe Footy Life Pinball Simon F1 Racer Maze Space Drum Piano Fruit (slot machine) Arena Don’t go blind playing!

Toothbrush and Tunes

I bouth a package of Aquafresh toothbrushes and found a code for three free songs on the package. What a toothbrush has to do with music downloads, I have no idea! The unfortunate part about it is that the music is from Sony’s Connect music store where you can only download DRM-ridden Windows Media Audio… Read more »

Lemmings in a Browser

I guess this is along the same lines as my recent “old school games” posts. Someone has created a web version of Lemmings using DHTML. It has been quite some time since I’ve played this game! I started playing and got hooked on it last night making it all the way to level 11. I… Read more »

Super (Bowl) Ads

Last night was the big game! Who was playing again? I was watching it for the commercials. The one time of year when companies go all out and pay millions of dollars for 30 seconds. Here are a few of my favorites. Hummer – Monsters Even though I can’t stand the vehicles and participate in… Read more »

Four Things

OK, so it looks like I got tagged. I guess this is kind of the blog equivalent to chain letters. I better do it or be doomed to a life of unhappiness. Tagged by: Tony Hill Four Jobs I’ve had in My Life Digital Media Projects Manager of The Information Commons Production Services Multimedia Producer… Read more »


Earlier this week, I went to the Bijou (The University of Iowa’s indie/art film theater) to see Steven Soderbergh’s new film, Bubble. I’ve been a fan of his movies for a while (Erin Brockovich, Ocean’s 11, Ocean’s 12, Traffic, The Limey, and others) so I was expecting to enjoy this one as well. Outside of… Read more »

c64 Games Online

Another addition in the posts about old-school computer games (post1, post 2). Here’s a site where you can play classic Commodore 64 games in your web browser (this one uses java).