Super (Bowl) Ads

Last night was the big game! Who was playing again? I was watching it for the commercials. The one time of year when companies go all out and pay millions of dollars for 30 seconds. Here are a few of my favorites.

Hummer – Monsters
Even though I can’t stand the vehicles and participate in FUH2 every time I see one, this ad was really good!

Emerald Nuts – Druids
Weird, but funny

Sprint – Song for everything
I don’t know… I just thought this was funny.

You can see all the Super Bowl ads from Google Video, AOL, iFilm, or the NFL has put together a “Super Bowl Commercials Show” featuring all the commercials from the big game. Which ones were your favorites?


gravatar Kieran

I share your top three, except that on principle, I would move Hummer to 3.

gravatar Troy

My favs were the Sprint security feature, Bud Light with the bear and the Fed Ex commercial.

gravatar Kieran

One of the cavemen in the FedEx commercial was an Iowa grad . . . so I hear.

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