Monthly Archives: March 2005

Independent Games Festival

The awards for the Independent Games Festival were announced (a while ago). I knew this was happening sometime in March, but totally forgot to check the site again until yesterday. The Independent Games Festival is an outlet for independent game developers to show their creativity and get some recognition for some really creative games. These… Read more »

New Mentos Sours!

While waiting for the flight to Phoenix last Saturday I was looking around the magazine shop/news stand in O’hare Airport in Chicago and discovered a new type of mentos… mentos sours. They’re actually pretty good. They come in three flavors in a new green striped box. The flavors are sour apple, which doesn’t taste too… Read more »

Firefox 1.02 Released

I’m a little late posting this since I was on vacation, but Firefox 1.02 was released a few days ago. There aren’t a whole lot of changes, mainly security fixes and updates (which are always good to take care of). Here is what’s new according to Mozilla: Firefox 1.0.2 is a security and stability update… Read more »

Free Software

Along the lines of my free games list post, I ran across another list of free windows software broken down into categories. This is a pretty extensive list covering just about everything you need your computer to do. Who knows the quality on some of this stuff though… I guess you get what you pay… Read more »


Who would win in a Google battle between God and Satan? How about the pen vs. the sword? (turns out that the pen really is mightier) This site pits opponents against each other based on their rating in Google.

Photoshop World

Since I’m at Photoshop World in Las Vegas this week, I figured that I should post something Photoshop related. They showed us a cool new feature that is going to be in the next version of Photoshop in our opening keynote. I’m going to try and describe it as best I can, but it might… Read more »

Google Releases Updated Ver. 1.0 Desktop Search

Google has released an updated version of their Desktop Search that I mentioned in an earlier post. The new version adds quite a few new items to the search results. There is also a new plug-in’s area to expand the searches even further. The new searchable items include: Netscape Mail / Thunderbird Netscape / Firefox… Read more »

I’m Done Feeding the Cable Pig!

This afternoon I made a call that I have been waiting a long time to make. I called the Mediacom 800 number and said, “cancel all my services!” It felt so good! Then after work today I stopped by the Mediacom offices and returned my cable modem. I did a little dance as I walked… Read more »

Firefox 1.01 Released

The Mozilla Foundation has released a small update to Firefox, mainly to take care of some bugs. What’s new in Firefox 1.01: Improved stability International Domain Names are now displayed as punycode. (To show International Domain Names in Unicode, set the “network.IDN_show_punycode” preference to false.) Several security fixes. Get it while its still hot! UPDATE:… Read more »