googleWho would win in a Google battle between God and Satan? How about the pen vs. the sword? (turns out that the pen really is mightier) This site pits opponents against each other based on their rating in Google.


gravatar jess

I win!!! Jessica Malott v. Scott Fiddelke wins it by a landslide! Heehee

gravatar Kevin

FLG Google Fight Results

1) Troy Moore 914
2) Kevin Hockett 100
3) Scott Fiddelke 94
4) Kieran Leopold 24

oh yea, my results have Scott beating Jessica by a score of 94-36!

gravatar Scott

Yah, but if you put quotes around the names, the results change a bit…

“Scott Fiddelke” – 132
“Jessica Malott” – 37
“Troy Moore” – 4460
“Kevin Hockett” – 120
“Kieran Leopold” – 33

Troy still kicks butt!

gravatar jess

yeah, well, “Jessica Lee Malott” beat “Scott Andrew Fiddelke” 1-0. So there!

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