Monthly Archives: January 2005

TargetAlert Extension for Firefox

While reading a post from about web designers not marking their PDF files, so you inadvertently click a link having to wait for the excruciatingly slow PDF plug-in to open. One of the comments recommended a Firefox plug-in called TargetAlert which will add a little icon beside all links to external documents (Word, Excel,… Read more »

Found: Weird Mentos Video

While playing around with an alternative search engine (defined as anything that’s not Google), I did a video search for… you guessed it, mentos! It came back with a rather humorous video from some guys named Jay & Jon. Jon and Jay’s Mentos Commerical (QuickTime Movie) They also have some other videos on their site… Read more »

Google Releases TV/Video Search

Google released a beta of their new TV/Video search yesterday. This new search allows you to search the content of recent TV shows. Your results will be presented with thumbnail images of the show along with a short transcript of the clip. I did a quick search for mentos, and it seems like they’ve used… Read more »

Face Transformer

Ever wondered what you’d look like as an ape? The Perception Laboratory’s Face Transformer is a java application where you can upload a picture of yourself and then do all kinds of cool stuff to it. You can transform your face into all sorts of different forms: baby child teenage young adult older adult afro-… Read more »

Time to Buy Pepsi Again

How terrible it is that I will buy Pepsi for a chance to win a song? Well, actually I would probably buy Pepsi anyway… I’ll just buy more now. Pepsi is slated to kick off another “Drink, Win, Play” campaign where 1 in 3 bottle tops will have a code for a free song on… Read more »

Picasa 2.0 Released

Google has just released a new version of their photo management software, Picasa 2.0. New Features include: Move and re-name pictures from inside Picasa Make a label Add a star rating Keep one picture in multiple albums Password-protect collections Improved Basic Fixes for images 12 new visual effects to improve your photos Captions that stay… Read more »

Turn your iPod into an iPod Shuffle

For those of you who have an iPod but want a new iPod Shuffle w/out plunking down the $99 or $149 for one… here is a pretty cool Do-it-yourself. Via Flickr

New Round of Apple Goodies

Apple released a slew of new products today at MacWorld San Francisco. iPod Shuffle This is the flash based iPod that has been rumored for a few weeks now. It’s no bigger than a pack of gum and it comes in two sizes: 512 MB ($99) and 1GB ($149). There is no screens since the… Read more »

Using Google to Find Web/Security Cameras

There have been some neat Google tricks popping up lately (first seen on boingboing) to find web/security cams on the web. Some web cams that haven’t been secured have a specific syntax in their URL that Google has indexed and are searchable. Here are a few Google searches for cams: Search 1 Search 2 (you… Read more »


Another odd ebay auction – A man in Omaha, NE is auctioning his forehead for advertising. He’ll accept any non-permanent ad for 30 days on his forehead. He’s up to almost $15,000 with 3 days left. He has also registered the domain: for more information.

Technology to keep your plants alive

After returning from vacation to find my plant (lovingly named Bachi) near death… well, more near death than usual, I decided to order the Dr. Frog Plant Monitor. For only $5.99 you can get a doctor for your plants that let you know when they need water. Don’t you wish your plants could talk back… Read more »