Using Google to Find Web/Security Cameras

Camera StillThere have been some neat Google tricks popping up lately (first seen on boingboing) to find web/security cams on the web. Some web cams that haven’t been secured have a specific syntax in their URL that Google has indexed and are searchable. Here are a few Google searches for cams:

Search 1
Search 2 (you can control these cams)
Search 3

SecurityFocus News has a short article about this recent find.

I got lost yesterday for about a half hour digging through these cams. They are pretty interesting to look through (even a little scary). Several people have put together collections of cameras online. Opentopia has a search that allows you to sort the cameras by country. Jesse from Bug Heaven put together a Python script to pull camera images from the search results. There is also this page from that is just a huge list of links to different cams.

Have fun… don’t get too lost in other places via the cams!


gravatar Tino

found you while reading the blog concerning mings opentopia camside.You posted a link from “Jesse from Bug Heaven put together a Python script to pull camera images from the search results”. It’s a pity the link isn’t active any more. Maybe you still have a cpoy of the script you could send me ?


gravatar Scott

Unfortunately I don’t have that script any more. I don’t even remember if I downloaded it when this story was originally posted since it was quite a while ago. I did a quick search and have come up with nothing. Apparently it’s been eaten by the internet… sorry.

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