Google Releases TV/Video Search

GoogleGoogle released a beta of their new TV/Video search yesterday. This new search allows you to search the content of recent TV shows. Your results will be presented with thumbnail images of the show along with a short transcript of the clip.

I did a quick search for mentos, and it seems like they’ve used some sort of computer transcription for capturing the spoken content which isn’t quite 100%. Much of the content for “mentos” looks like it should have been for “mementos.”

This looks to be a cool tool none-the-less. I’m sure Google will continue to tweak it adding more and more features like they seem to do with many of their products.

UPDATE: I just read another story about this new search, and learned that Google is just using closed caption information for the search result transcripts. Does that mean that the closed caption people are putting in mentos instead of mementos?

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