Technology to keep your plants alive

After returning from vacation to find my plant (lovingly named Bachi) near death… well, more near death than usual, I decided to order the Dr. Frog Plant Monitor. For only $5.99 you can get a doctor for your plants that let you know when they need water.

Don’t you wish your plants could talk back to you? They can if there is a doctor in the house. Simply insert Doctor Frogâ„¢ into the soil and it will alert you when your plant needs water. No more guess work or wondering. Doctor Frogâ„¢ constantly evaluates the moisture level of your plant’s soil. This friendly little frog will chirp and croak until your plant gets the water it needs. Your sleep will never be disturbed. A special light sensor ensures your plant’s watering schedule will be limited to daytime hours because Doctor Frogâ„¢ only makes house calls when he is exposed to light. Isn’t it time your plant had a check up?

Bachi will be so happy!

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