The Latest Mentos Ambassador Shipment

Last week I discovered a big old box with Asian stamps on it in my mailbox. I pulled it out and thought to myself, “what on earth am I getting from Hong Kong?!?” Then I looked at the return address, “of course… (newly badged) Mentos Ambassador Stoll!” Ambassador Stoll had been working his way around the world since last August. And I, just as I do whenever I hear someone is going out of the country, asked him if he’d keep his eyes open for new/crazy Mentos flavors not available in the US. He certainly didn’t disappoint. Included in his package were some old standards: foreign labeled Mint, Strawberry, Apple, Fruit (or Rasa Bua!), Grape and Pink Grapefruit. There were also a few surprises with some flavors I haven’t seen before. There was Red Orange, which I have, but in a different wrapper. The other two new ones are Lemon Yoghurt and Ice Mint. The Lemon Yoghurt is totally new to me, but I’m guessing it is similar to the Strawberry Yoghurt I got last summer, fruity flavored with a little bit of yoghurt tang. The Ice Mint I’m guessing is similar to the Mentos Strong I had several years ago. It is an Altoid-like strong mint flavor. Thanks for the shipment… your Mentos Ambassador Card is on the way!


gravatar Andy

Whew, wasn’t sure 10 lbs of Mentos was going to clear customs. I’m still out on a mission to be the first Mentos Grand Ambassador. I didn’t try too many of those, I hope you have. If you like the Lemon Yoghurt ones I know where to get more (but only for about the next month and some, so email your order quick 😉 Thanks captain.

gravatar Tisha

Oh, if only I had know about you before my trip. I just got back from the Philippines, and was checking the web for flavors of Mentos worldwide. I’ve always loved Mentos, and when I traveled to Manila and Tokyo over the past two weeks, I was thrilled to find flavors that I had never seen before. Sadly, I’ve eaten them all. I absolutely have to eat the whole roll at once. I have no willpower when it comes to Mentos. Some flavors that I found were, a fruit pack that included pineapple and kiwi, another berry combo that had raspberry and either pomegranate or blueberry – not sure. They also had tuti-fruti which tasted like bubblegum and a duo pack that had orange on the outside and mango in the center and lemon on the outside with blueberry in the center. I’m trying to think of any other flavors I tried over the trip. I probably ate 20 packs over two weeks, but who’s counting! I’m not sure what is available her in AZ, but all I usually see is the mixed fruit pack, mint, apple, and strawberry. Once I got a margarita pack and a pina colada pack at a specialty candy store in Chandler, AZ, but I’ve never seen those again! I’d love to hear which is your favorite, and if there is any way to find these flavors here in the U.S.

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