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Improv For Everyone

PresentersAmanda Hirsch Writer, Actress, Online Story Strategist AmandaHirsch.ComJordan Hirsch CTO “The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” Improv is a performance-based art form wherein a show is created spontaneously in front of… Read more »

The Convergence of Traditional and Internet TV

PresentersMichael Petricone, SVP, Government Affairs Consumer Electronics AssociationNed Sherman, CEO Digital Media Wire IncTodd Weaver, Founder & CEO ivi Inc There are several policy and legal issues with the convergence of TV and Internet. ivi TV Todd Weaver’s ivi is the first online cable provider. They turn your computer into a set top box vs…. Read more »

Hacking RSS: Filtering & Processing Obscene Amounts of Information

PresenterDawn Foster, MeeGo Community Mgr IntelPresentation Slides and Videos 295 Exabytes of data in 2007, amount doubles every 3 years, 4 months. Over 600+ Exabytes now. You want to find the needle in all of this data. RSS Alone is a start. You can follow the sources you want, but… Do you care about everything… Read more »

Anatomy of a Design Decision

PresenterJared Spool, Founding Principal User Interface Engineering to get a copy of slides from this presentation. How do designers make decisions? Gray’s Anatomy book, 1858 describes the entire human body. This changed medicine by giving everything a word and a name. Anatomy: a study of the structure or internal working of something. We are… Read more »

Live Action Angry Birds

Between some sessions I ran across a live action Angry Birds room. You had to dress up like one of the birds and then fling plush Angry Birds at a cardboard structure of plush Green Pigs. I knocked them all down but one, and got to keep the plush Angry Bird.

The Future of Microformats

PresentersBen Ward, Software Engineer TwitterFrances Berriman, Sr Front End Developer Nature Publishing GroupPaul Tarjan, Web Hacker FacebookTantek Celik, Independent A couple years ago a microformat was started for recipes on the web, it was picked up by several recipe sites. Google recently added recipes search to their site hitting against the microformat. The first… Read more »

The Hero Inside: Invisible Customer Support

PresentersJon Swartz Tech Reporter USA TodayKimarie Matthews VP Social Web Wells FargoToby Richards GM, Community Microsoft Corporation What does proactive support mean to you? Companies need to use new technologies to reach out to customers as never before. Build channels for customers to come to YOU. Proactive support is about breaking down the walls of… Read more »

Unbelievable eCommerce: Increase Sales By 10000%

PresenterPaul Boag, Dir Headscape Tidbit of information: Brits do not care about the royal wedding! A Case Study: Headscape increased ecommerce for a company over 10k% in 5 years – from a reasonable base. Where is the catch? The company sells frozen meals to elderly people (average age in 80’s). The average cost of a… Read more »

Cure for the Common Font

Presenters Frank Chimero, Office of Frank Chimero Jason Santa Maria, Creative Dir Mighty LLC Stephen Coles, Type Dir Typographica/Fonts In Use Tiffany Wardle, Typegirl More Information: There are hundreds of thousands of fonts available and grows every year. It gets difficult to choose types so we many times just rely on the ones we… Read more »

HTML5? The Web’s Dead, Baby

PresentersBranden Hall, CEO Automata Studios LtdEmily Lewis, Principal Web Designer Emily Lewis DesignErik Klimczak, Creative Dir Clarity ConsultingRick Barraza, Creative Director Cynergy Systems, MS SilverlightThomas Lewis, Principal Technical Evangelist Microsoft Is the web dead? Should people be building apps? Should we be using HTML5? Wired Magazine printed an article, "The Web is Dead," Is the… Read more »

People as Peripherals: The Future of Gesture Interface

PresenterLee Shupp, Exec VP Cheskin Added Value Futurists aren’t about predicting the future with a crystal ball… it’s about watching/predicting change. Technology changes much faster than people (society) does. Technology changes faster than people are ready for. It’s easy to lose them if you get too far ahead. There is a sweet spot of change… Read more »

One Codebase, Endless Possibilities: Real HTML5 Hacking

PresenterJoe McCann, Principal Architect subPrint InteractivePresentation Slides HTML5 is simply the next revision of HTML.HTML is the "content" of the app. CSS is the "styling" of the app.JavaScript is the "business" behind the app. The value of HTML5 is JUST needs HTML/CSS/JS using the web stack. You can use the web for the majority of… Read more »

Web Anywhere: Mobile Optimisation with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

PresenterBruce Lawson, Web Evangelist Opera Software Opera makes one browser for many devices, so there is some experience in this area. More people are using mobile to access the web. Many people are abandoning desktops and using only mobile to access the web. Mobile is growing, and is here to stay. USA top mobile sites:… Read more »

Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better

Presenter Jane McGonigal, Creative Dir Social Chocolate “The collective conscience and will of our profession is being tested as never before. Now is the time for us to have the courage for legendary work.” -Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. We spend 3 billion hours a week playing video games… is it worth it? Are we… Read more »

Ordering Disorder: Grid Design for the New World

PresenterKhoi Vinh, History A dot on a piece of paper is randomly placed, when you add a 2nd dot, you suggest something hidden. There becomes some sort of order, maybe everything is placed there for a specific reason Any two marks on a single plane is enough to create a grid, a design, an… Read more »