The Hero Inside: Invisible Customer Support

Jon Swartz Tech Reporter USA Today
Kimarie Matthews VP Social Web Wells Fargo
Toby Richards GM, Community Microsoft Corporation

What does proactive support mean to you?

Companies need to use new technologies to reach out to customers as never before. Build channels for customers to come to YOU. Proactive support is about breaking down the walls of the store and letting you out to help people where they are.

Frontier airlines went out of their way to help a complaint. The customer went from complaining to praising the company.

Social Schizophrenia
Putting another face on social media that is different than the normal face. Comcast helps the high level people to spin their support. They’re not using social media correctly to the core. They’re putting frosting on a really disgusting cake. What do you do to consistently solve problems, not what do you do to appear like you are on social media.

Do some of these companies that get into social media know what they’re getting into? This can easily blow up in their face, and maybe they shouldn’t be there to begin with. In many cases, they don’t have the scale to keep up with it.

An organization shouldn’t depend on heros. Heros don’t scale – you can’t have people breaking rules all the time. It means that the rules aren’t right.

Only about 3.5% mention their experience on Twitter. It is a pretty small segment of people who talk about their experience on Twitter.

You need to make sure you have the resources to escalate the issues to the appropriate places.

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