Monthly Archives: August 2009


How well does the Internet know you? I’m sure we’ve all googled ourselves at one time or another. The results from search engines can be a bit messy. If you want a more elegant depiction of how you’re represented on the Interwebs, give Personas a try. Personas is a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, currently… Read more »

College Mindset List

The new school year is just about upon us -classes start here on Monday. With the influx of new students (and the departure of good parking places), your mind starts to drift back to the time when you were a scared freshman, out in the world for the first time. Beloit College has been putting… Read more »

Unnecessary Re-branding

Last week, word hit the Internets that Radio Shack was rumored to be re-branding themselves simply as “The Shack.” Since that rumor first hit, they have confirmed that it’s not just a rumor, and they will, in fact be changing their name to”The Shack” in the coming months. That doesn’t really make much sense to… Read more »

Alabama High School Band Attempts Mentos World Record

I wish our band did things like this in high school. Vestavia Hills High School attempted to break the Coke and Mentos fountain world record yesterday at their high school football stadium. The existing record was set on June 19, 2008, by 1,911 students in Latvia. Unfortunately they weren’t able to break the record. The… Read more »