Unnecessary Re-branding

front_fixedLast week, word hit the Internets that Radio Shack was rumored to be re-branding themselves simply as “The Shack.” Since that rumor first hit, they have confirmed that it’s not just a rumor, and they will, in fact be changing their name to”The Shack” in the coming months. That doesn’t really make much sense to me given Radio Shack is a known brand that’s been around since 1921. I understand that the “Radio” portion of their name might be a bit dated, but it’s been dated for the past 30 years. Why make the change now to a brand that is so well known?

This re-brand follows on the heels of several other questionable re-branding efforts of late. Pizza Hut threw around the idea of becoming simply, “The Hut” back in June before changing their tune, and leaving the word “Pizza” intact. There is also SciFi Channel’s re-branding that switched back in July. SciFi Channel is now officially called “SyFy” (pronounced Siffee?). I understand the need to update your brand, and update your image, but this one just makes you scratch your head. Apparently it is pronounced the exact same way, just spelled differently. This one in particular only seems like it will confuse and turn off the channel’s core audience (SciFi lovers), and makes you wonder if it’s really worth the time and money (lots!) that it takes to carry out a re-brand like this.

What are we going to see next? Will Best Buy become The Buy? How about Mart for Wal-Mart? Or just The King for Burger King? Didn’t Circuit City try doing this a few years back, changing their name to “The City?” It didn’t seem to work out that great for them.


gravatar EmmEff

I expect this blog to soon become “hory” If it did I would expect it’s number of readers to double or possibly triple.

gravatar Brett

nice post! I don’t see this ending well. ‘The Shack’ just doesn’t sound like a place where you’d head to buy new gadgets/electronics…or anything else for that matter.

gravatar Lisa

I think they are afraid the kids of today won’t know what a Radio is.

gravatar the bloger formerly known as "Kieran"

You didn’t talk at all about the following (bizarre) evolution: Kentucky Fried Chicken>KFC (fried food is bad for you)> Kentucky Fried Chicken (fried food actually isn’t that bad, if you use non trans-fat oil)> Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

Follow all that? At least they never progressed to Kentucky Famous Bowls Chicken.

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