Monthly Archives: January 2009

2009 Independent Games Festival Finalists

It’s that time of year again folks. The Finalists for the 2009 Independent Games Festival have been announced. Ever since I discovered this festival a few years back, I’ve been coming back yearly to see the new games that make it to the finals, and then ultimately win the competition. This year’s winners will be… Read more »

Palm Pre, Will it Save Palm?

There was another big announcement from last week’s Consumer Electronics Show that I have purposely held off commenting on. Palm announced their next generation phone, the Pre, and their new WebOS. The tech media has been touting this device as the best announcement of this year’s CES. Full disclaimer: I have owned and used a… Read more »

Soft Fruit and Fresh Cola Mentos from France

Some new Mentos arrived in my mailbox the other day from my aunt and uncle (they’re now Mentos Ambassadors BTW). They send a couple 4-packs from France. One was a flavor I’ve had before, Soft Fruit (fruits rouges). The other was a new flavor I’ve not seen before, Fresh Cola. I’m always excited to get… Read more »

Asus Announces Eee Keyboard

Asus, the company that started the whole netbook trend announced a cool new product yesterday. It’s called the Eee Keyboard, and is an entire computer (HTPC) built into a keyboard. The keyboard has a built-in touch screen where the number pad normally goes, which can display widgets, RSS feeds, calendars and more.  This thing will… Read more »