Monthly Archives: September 2008

Control Video Games With Your Mind

I read a small blurb in Wired Magazine about a company called Emotiv Systems that has created a really interesting product called the EPOC. It basically brings brain control to your computer or to video games. The EPOC is a headband helmet type thing that actually picks up your brain waves allowing you to interact… Read more »

Internet Connected Toaster

You knew something like this would happen sooner or later. Someone has gone out and created a toaster that you hook to the internet. The toaster pulls down news stories and burns it to your bread so you can read as you eat, I guess. It can also toast images to your bread. It’s kind… Read more »

Mentos + Diet Coke in Zero G

Ever wonder what would happen if you tried the infamous Diet Coke and Mentos experiment in Zero G? Robert Woodhead decided to take that experiment to the skies… literally. He packed up an experiment kit (Mentos, Diet Coke, containment bag) and took off in a special ZeroG plane to get weightless. the hypothesis that we… Read more »