Monthly Archives: June 2007

Trevor, The Mentos Intern

How did I not see this earlier (thanks Rob & The 4th Way)?? Those brilliant marketing folks over at Mentos have a new website, and a new intern (named trevor) who will do whatever you tell him to do… within reason. He can’t do anything lewd or illegal. Visit the site:, and you can… Read more »

Find Your Best Movie Reviewer

I think movie reviewers are hit or miss, and there isn’t really one out there that I follow religiously. I have somewhat unique taste in movies. Enter “Which Move Reviews Should I Believe?” Rate a handful of movies on this site, and a few movie reviewers will be recommended to you. My movie tastes line… Read more »

Mentos Alternative Fuel Experiment

We all know that Mentos mixed with soda does crazy things. Did you know that it could also fuel a car? According to this video, it can. Do you want to drive a Mentos-powered car? Well, you’re in luck. You can make your own Mentos + Soda + Car video at the Mentos Alternative Fuel… Read more »

Mentos Gyser Tubes Free with Mentos Soon

Today is a very Mentos’y day (I guess every day is a Mentos’y day for me though). First spotted on The Scattered Genius blog, then The Consumerist: Apparently Mentos may be putting geyser tubes into their multi-roll packages later this summer. Soon you’ll be able to spray Diet Coke everywhere at home. I guess you… Read more »

Mentos Fountain World Record

On May 24th, at Fountain Square in Cincinnati, Ohio, a new Guinness World Record was set for 504 simultaneous Mentos Diet Coke fountains going off at the same time. Mentos and Eepybird (the crazy guys who make the elaborate Mentos fountains) put the event together. They invited participants to show up, who were provided with… Read more »