Trevor, The Mentos Intern

How did I not see this earlier (thanks Rob & The 4th Way)?? Those brilliant marketing folks over at Mentos have a new website, and a new intern (named trevor) who will do whatever you tell him to do… within reason. mentos_trevor.jpgHe can’t do anything lewd or illegal. Visit the site:, and you can watch him via a webcam, chat with him via the built-in chat interface, or give him a call at 857-757-1195. You can also put tasks on his schedule. I just discovered this site today, but I know I’ll come up with things for Trevor to do.

All I have to say about this site is, “I want this job!”


gravatar Scott

Yah, I gave him a call and we talked about the Mentos Mobile that I saw at SXSW. Then I had him give me a Mentos flash.

gravatar Lilian

Please! I just purchased peach,grape, grapefruit, pineapple, and red apple mentos. I am trying to find some red orange mentos! Any help is appreciated.

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