Mentos Fountain World Record

On May 24th, at Fountain Square in Cincinnati, Ohio, a new Guinness World Record was set for 504 simultaneous Mentos Diet Coke fountains going off at the same time. Mentos and Eepybird (the crazy guys who make the elaborate Mentos fountains) put the event together. They invited participants to show up, who were provided with Mentos goggles and a Mentos rain poncho. The countdown began, and 500+ Mentos fountains were set off at the same time. I was on my way to Ohio that night, and if I had known about this, might have adjusted my plans to take part. Oh well, maybe next time (600 Mentos fountains?!?).

View photos from the event

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gravatar kate

ahh!!! i missed it by like 2 weeks! i’m in cincinnati now and can actually see fountain square from my hotel room! shucks!

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