Monthly Archives: May 2007


Have you ever wanted to box me? Well, the wait is over, step right up to my PlayMyGame boxing match, where you can (virtually) beat the crap out of me. I even used a smug-looking face that you want to punch! gives you the ability to build a game of your very own. There… Read more »

The Hype Machine

I’m not a huge fan of traditional radio. I don’t listen to it very often (usually listen to podcasts in the car). I guess I just don’t like the hear the same 20 songs played over and over again. With that being said, I still do want to find sources for new music. In searching… Read more »

Broadcast Your Skills with Sclipo

As their tagline suggests, Sclipo is a site where good folks can upload videos of their mad skillz. I like this site because it isn’t just a collection of youtube-like random videos. It has the specific focus of demonstrating skills. There are some tutorial videos on here, and there are some pretty impressive “look what… Read more »

New Japanese Mentos Spotted

Another shipment of Japanese rolls from Mentos Ambassador Roth arrived last week. There were a couple surprises in the package. There was a Juicy Cassis, Japanese Mint and a Citrus Mango. Of all those are flavors, I’ve got at least one roll of in the archive. The best part of the shipment is the curiously… Read more »

Package Mapping

I’m waiting on a couple packages to arrive (one from DHL, and one from UPS) and I like to follow their progress on the tracking sites. OK, I check it about every other hour. I ran across a pretty cool site that maps (via Google maps) progress of a package as it travels across the… Read more »