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sclipo_logo.jpgAs their tagline suggests, Sclipo is a site where good folks can upload videos of their mad skillz. I like this site because it isn’t just a collection of youtube-like random videos. It has the specific focus of demonstrating skills. There are some tutorial videos on here, and there are some pretty impressive “look what I can do” videos as well. At the very least this site should give you 15 minutes of entertainment, and maybe teach you a thing or two.

what is Sclipo?
Sclipo is a website to share videos about everyday knowledge among everyday people. We believe that the beauty of online skill-videos is discovering the really hard to find answers to those quirky bugs that life throws at you. Sclipo makes finding them that little bit easier in the current tidal wave of online video content, but keeps the whole process dynamic, fun, and completely user generated and assessed. We hope you like Sclipo!

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gravatar Hunter hendrix

I just checked out the site couldn’t believe how funny and informative some of the videos are. But once I starting thinking about it, the idea of a skill based community makes a lot of sense. Instead of having ot find specific sites to figure out how to fix my Vespa or make fresh pesto easily… I can find it all in one place.

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