New Japanese Mentos Spotted

mentos japanAnother shipment of Japanese rolls from Mentos Ambassador Roth arrived last week. There were a couple surprises in the package. There was a Juicy Cassis, Japanese Mint and a Citrus Mango. Of all those are flavors, I’ve got at least one roll of in the archive. The best part of the shipment is the curiously named Pine Fresh. Luckily there is a picture of a pineapple on the wrapper or one might jump to the conclusion that these would taste like an evergreen tree. I tried a roll, and can tell you they definitely do not.

The color of the pine fresh is a bright orangish-yellow, not a pale yellow like the lemon in the American fruit rolls. They have a strong flavor like a very sweet pineapple. These Mentos are very good and have quickly moved near the top of my favorites list (right next to grape and peach – with peach keeping the top position). The Pine Fresh Mentos have a slight mediciney aftertaste, and reminded me of the sweet kid-flavored cough syrup I took as a child. The aftertaste is very subtle though and definitely doesn’t ruin the candy. Pine fresh isn’t as unique as it would have been if it tasted like a Christmas tree, but they’re pretty darn good!

I ran across this interesting video on the Mentos Japan site of some crazy Mentos-headed guy dancing on a psychedelic pineapple backdrop. Based on his super dancing, he must really love pine fresh too!

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