Monthly Archives: March 2007

May the Force be…

…on your next postage stamp. The good ole USPS will be issuing Star Wars postage stamps in late May. Nobody likes that postage rates are going up (except for the USPS – duh!), but at least this will make the price hike easier on the eyes even if it’s not as easy on the wallet…. Read more »

Mentos Berry Mix

The Candyblog has a nice review of Mentos Berry Mix, that apparently came from Guam, but were made in China. They come wrapped in a clear plastic outer wrapper and the box is about the size of a deck of cards. The flip top makes it easy to share, and with a flavor mix like… Read more »

Mentos Helpline

Have you ever had a problem with… well, anything really? Well now there is a service dedicated to finding the answers to all your problems. This wonderful service is brought to you by none other than Mentos! The Mentos Helpline has operators (executives) standing by to help you with problems in the following categories. Work… Read more »

SXSW Notes

We’ve set up a notes blog where we’ve been collecting all of our notes from South by Southwest Interactive Conference. Most of these posts are just disjointed note-taking from our sessions, but they’re probably more valuable online than in some notebook stuck away on a shelf somewhere.

The Mentos Mobile

We were in downtown Austin last night and sitting at the balcony of The Blind Pig. I stepped away for a moment and when I returned, I was informed that a Mentos car was parked on the street below and there was a team of Mentos girls handing out rolls up and down the street…. Read more »

Off to SXSW Interactive

Tomorrow I’m jumping on a plane to Austin, TX for South by Southwest Interactive Festival for work. I’ve wanted to attend this conference for several years, and I’m really excited to finally be able to make it. I don’t have any clue what panels I’m going to attend yet, but I’m sure there will be… Read more »