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mentos girlsWe were in downtown Austin last night and sitting at the balcony of The Blind Pig. I stepped away for a moment and when I returned, I was informed that a Mentos car was parked on the street below and there was a team of Mentos girls handing out rolls up and down the street. I’m sure my eyes must have popped out of my head when I saw the beautiful blue convertible with mints and logos posted all over it. I was giddy! I hurried downstairs as quickly as I could with Ken in tow (someone needed to take the photos!). We rushed down to the car and started shooting photos. We couldn’t find the Mentos girls anywhere so I reluctantly agreed to head back up. Then I got a call from Dave, one of the people we were sitting with, saying that the Mentos girls were back at the car. I couldn’t move fast enough! I think I inadvertently left Ken in the dust as I rushed back to the car.

Back at the car, there were two Mentos girls and a guy carrying a giant roll of M. I got a photo with all of them. Ken and I also grabbed a roll of Mentos to take back upstairs. Later that night the Mentos guy came around on the street below us and was throwing t-shirts wrapped to look like big rolls of Mentos. They wanted people to cheer for the shirts. I of course, had no problem doing this and they threw it up to us. We missed it, but fortunately it fell on the landing right below our balcony and I was able to reach it through the rail. So I’m now the proud owner of another Mentos shirt! Who would of thought that at a wonderful tech convention (SXSW) I would run across my other vice in such force!

Photos from the wonderful night in Flickr


gravatar Larry

If you would like to see the car and girls again send me an e-mail. I will let you where we are going to be this week in Austin.

Larry ( the one who is driving the car )

gravatar Andy

The thing that cracks me up, is the world “girl” appears in your blog entry about this event 4 times and the word “mentos” appears 9 (10 if you count the title). So, I will take your excuse as since you are married, that is why. But most dudes your age, would well, have those numbers reversed. Scott, you crack me up.

gravatar Mark


The guys in our shop got a huge kick out of your blog…

We designed an dbuilt the Mentos cars (there are 7 of them) and it’s nice to see you enjoyed it.

The Guys from Creative 3D

gravatar christine

freshmakin’, indeed!

love to hear of more hijinks from austin…

cheers and sxsw-love (i was there!)

gravatar Renee Sutherland

I met the mentos guy……Larry……and was looking for a photo of the car… took me to this site…but you have so many people standing in front of the car…..I can only see people…….I thought larry was pretty cool…..the girls did not do much for me..LOL…..but I like the mentos car…much better than the oscar meyer winner mobile…….

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