Mentos Helpline

mentoshelp.pngHave you ever had a problem with… well, anything really? Well now there is a service dedicated to finding the answers to all your problems. This wonderful service is brought to you by none other than Mentos! The Mentos Helpline has operators (executives) standing by to help you with problems in the following categories.

  • Work problems
  • Love problems
  • Parental problems
  • College problems
  • Medical problems
  • Cricket problems
  • Day-to-Day problems
  • Seasonal problems

Find the route to your problem, and you will be connected to a highly-trained Mentos-popping CSR ready to fix your problems. If for some reason, your problem isn’t covered, you can submit your own special problems to the site, and they’ll happily provide you with an answer.

This lovely (and helpful) site comes from Perfetti Van Melle (the company responsible for Mentos) in India.

“We are creating endearment around Mentos. The initiative is akin to a CSR (corporate social responsibility) exercise. The Mentos helpline aims at showing the Mentos Way out of uncomfortable situations to poor souls in distress.”

I really can’t think of a better equipped company to fix any variety of problems. I know there have been many cases where Mentos have certainly fixed mine!

“Thank you for calling the Mentos Helpline, because if you have a problem, we have the answer!”


gravatar Kevin

I think Scott just found a new job!

by the way, how many mentos can you fit on your mouth and still have a conversation?

gravatar Fiddelke, B.T.

Creepy. Surely they have limits to the amount of help they can give (legally, morally, etc), especially when someone calls in with a psyche-related question. I don’t like it, mentos, please stop.

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