Monthly Archives: August 2006

Geotagging Back in Flickr

It looks like geotagging is back in Flickr. This time it’s built right in vs. the older method that died off a little while back. With the new built-in geotagging, flickr has provided a handy drag and drop interface from the organizr section of your flickr account. You simply zoom to the place on the… Read more »

Super Smash Flash

Ever wish you could pit your favorite old-school video games characters against each other? Ever wondered what it would be like if the Metroid man woman were in a battle to the death with Mario, or what would happen if Sonic the Hedgehog were to fight Link from Zelda? Well, wonder now more… Super Smash… Read more »

More Flickr Tools

Do you use Flickr? How about some fun tools to make it easier. FlickrStorm FlickrStorm is a better search for Flickr. It digs a little deeper than the built-in flickr search to bring you more relevant results Flickr Leech Their motto is “because paging sucks.” This tool helps you sort through the millions of images… Read more »

New Fruit Mentos Wrapper

It’s the small things that are special. I was buying a roll of mixed fruit Mentos today and noticed that the wrappers are different. They’ve changed the end-foil color to bright pink, and changed a few other elements of the package imaging. They’re now called “fruit” instead of “mixed fruit,” which the old rolls said…. Read more »

Google Flight Simulator

Just like you could drive a racecar through New York, You can now fly an airplane over several cities around the word. Googles, the Google Maps Flight Sim is a little Flash app that puts you in a little green and yellow plane where you can fly all over Google Maps satellite pictures of the… Read more »

SingShot Karaoke Online

Have you ever dreamed of signing karaoke with the entire internet? Well guess what, your dreams have come true with the beta release of SingShot. Plug in your computer mic, fire up your browser and in a slick flash interface you can hear other people’s renditions of (somewhat) popular songs, or sing your own. You… Read more »

Building an Entertainment PC: The Guts

For Jess’ graduation, I told her I’d put together an entertainment PC for her so she could Tivo (that’s a verb now) shows, organize music, watch DVD’s etc. She graduated back in May and I’ve been putting off buying the pieces until just last week when Intel dropped their processor prices. Everything showed up via… Read more »