Monthly Archives: July 2006

Mentos Geyser Video Contest

Mentos (evidence of their brilliance) has put together a contest for Mentos Geyser videos at These videos are pretty much taking over the internet. Just do a search for Mentos on Youtube or Google Video, and you’ll see what I mean. Or take a look at my post from a little while back about… Read more » Operation Depth Charge, which I blogged about a while back has launched an updated version of their site (code named Operation Depth Charge). They’ve added some cool new features and totally overhauled their player. I use all the time (mainly for listening to internet radio at work) and love the new features. If you’ve not checked… Read more »


It has an “R” instead of an “ER,” so you know it’s got to be a new Flickr tool. Preloadr is a simple photo editing tool that works hand in hand with Flickr. It’s totally web-based, and lets you do a number of simple edits and manipulations to photos you’ve uploaded to Flickr. It includes… Read more »

New Mentos Flavor: Strawberry Yogurt

A new Mentos flavor has recently been discovered. Mentos Ambassador Moore brought me a roll of Strawberry Yogurt flavored Mentos that he found in France. It’s always nice to be presented with a flavor I’ve never heard of before. Plus it’s good for my Mentos Ambassadors working their way up the chain. You’re well on… Read more »

1,500 Music Videos From the 80’s

Back when MTV used to play actual music videos this site has 1500 videos from the 80’s. I just spent way too long digging through this site. How many of these do you remember?

World Largest Web Page

This page is 9 quadrillion (yes, that’s a real number!) pixels by 9 quadrillion pixels. At 77 pixels per inch, the page is 1.844 billion miles per side…. BIG! This ginormous page was put together to show just how big the universe is. P.S. It only displays correctly in Firefox.