Monthly Archives: August 2005

New Peach Mentos

The Mentos gods have been smiling down on me the past couple weeks. Not only did Mentos update their website recently, but I have finally discovered the holy grail of Mentos… peach flavor! I don’t remember when I first caught wind of the mystical peach flavored Mentos, but it was some time ago. I think… Read more »

Last.FM and Audioscrobbler

A few months back I discovered a neat service that at that time was actually two separate services. Audioscrobbler and Last.FM have since merged into one super-cool tool for finding and listening to new music. The thing that makes this tool different than the million and a half other music sites out there is that… Read more »

Mentos USA Updates Their Website

Mentos USA has a new website! Sometime in the past couple of weeks, Mentos updated their website (I try to check it on a regular basis). The site now has a new darker blue swirly look, and includes a few new areas. They’ve also added some interesting Mentos news to the site. The fruit flavored… Read more »

Kidney Bean Cinnamon Mentos Candy

I regularly do searches on ebay for “mentos” just to see what kind of cool Mentos merchandise is out there and ran across an interesting one today. Someone is selling a malformed Mentos Candy in the shape of a kidney bean. I don’t think this is something I’d ever spend any money on, but thought… Read more »

Hillary Rosen Guest Blogging on

Hilary Rosen, the former Chairman and CEO of the RIAA (Recording Industry Ass. of America) will be guest blogging on Lawrence Lessig’s blog this week. I think it will be interesting to see what she has to say now, two years after stepping down from her post at the RIAA. I’m curious how much of… Read more »


Have you ever wondered what information was in that funny looking barcode on the back of your driver’s license? Well, wonder no more. There is a site called Swipe where you can download a tool (or upload it online) to find out what sort of information is being acquired when someone swipes your license.

Flickr Explore

Flickr recently added a new way to plow thorough the millions of photos on their site. It’s called Flickr Explore, and it’s kind of a dynamic rating system for cool photos that is based on several variables (which they call “interestingness”). There are lots of things that make a photo ‘interesting’ (or not) in the… Read more »

Paper CD Case

Whenever I burn a CD for someone, I usually just fold together a piece of plain white printer paper and either print out a data or track list, or simply write it on the newly created envelope., makes it even easier to create a cheapo CD case. Just fill out the form with CD… Read more »

Apple Releases Multi-button Mouse

It only took 29 years, but Apple has finally released a mouse with more than one button! Apple’s standard one-button mouse has been a symbol of simplicity for quite some time, but (to a lot of users) has slowly made things more complicated. Today apple released what they’re calling, “Mighty Mouse.” The Mighty Mouse actually… Read more »

Ninja Mask Lessons

I ran across this lovely picture/lesson again today. I vaguely remember coming across it once before quite some time ago. This time I followed Vern Reid’s directions step by step and made myself into a ninja via a black T-shirt. Now that you’ve got the official directions for the ninja look, I suggest that you… Read more »