War of the Ads – Apple vs. Microsoft

Apple has been dinging Microsoft with its “I’m a Mac” ads since 2006. Microsoft recently decided to strike back with a 300-million-dollar campaign and some very odd ads starting Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. Then they released some “I’m a PC” ads with content hitting back at Apple, which I have to admit (after the crazy Seinfeld ads) actually was decent response. Well, now the ad war is on bigtime. Apple hit back with some ads about the ads criticizing their ads. This is going to get confusing (but funny!) before it’s all said and done.

UPDATE: There’s another one…



gravatar Kieran

At least this ad war is more entertaining than the beer wars or the cola wars, confusing or no.

Besides, John Hodgman rocks and I will always refer to Justin Long as “Warren Cheswick,” the nerdy high-schooler from t.v.’s Ed (cue the Foo Fighters).

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