toastbagsHave you ever wanted to make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich but didn’t want to get out the ole frying pan. Well, your troubles are over. I ran across this exciting new product called Toastbags via popgadget. These little babies make it easy to fry up a yummy grilled cheese sandwich (or any grilled sandwich for that matter) without having to try anything. The Toastbags are reusable bags that you can slip your sandwich into and drop into your toaster without getting sandwich goo all over it. You can buy ’em here. You can find more info at (not in English).


gravatar gwen

But you must need a super-extra-wide toaster slot to fit in both sides of the sandwich AND the cheese at once … this seems like a design flaw.
This also seems to fit in the war about the toaster vs. the toaster oven, a debate which recently raged at our house …

gravatar jess

why is a toaster oven so great anyway? can’t you just use the microwave?

gravatar Kieran

This seems an appropriate time for a “greatest thing since sliced bread” comment . . .



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