The Day Traditional Photography (equipment) Died

A little late on this post, but the day after Christmas there was a little bit of housecleaning done at Frederick’s Photography. Over 1100 lbs. of old traditional photography equipment was loaded up and taken to the scrap yard. It was kind of a sad day to see thousands of dollars worth of equipment being tossed out as junk because there is simply no market for this type of stuff any more (even on ebay, auctions for similar equipment go without any bids). My parents have operated a photography studio for over 27 years now, and like most of the industry, has switched to all digital. So now this 1100+ lbs. of equipment has been replaced by a few computers. The load of equipment we hauled off to the junkyard included quite a bit of stuff. There were several darkroom enlargers, including one that I spent a fair amount of time on in high school printing proofs while working for my parents. There was also a big old photo paper processor that just about took up an entire room hauled away with the other junk. I’m sure I’m probably missing something or totally wrong on the equipment that I remember. I’ll let me dad fill in the details in the comments area. So it was a little sad to see almost 3 decades of equipment being tossed out as junk, but I guess that’s technology for you. Always pushing forward.

Flickr set of the whole process


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Yup, it was a little bit painful to haul all that stuff away, but I guess that’s “progress.” But with digital imaging being what it is, I would never go back to a film-based studio. One small correction: it was a little over 1600 pounds of stuff, but on the plus side, I was paid a whopping four cents a pound for it.

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