Technical Difficulties

Technical DifficultiesIf you stopped by looking to find the brilliant ramblings that make up any time later Saturday night through Sunday afternoon, you may have noticed an error message… and no That is because I single-handedly destroyed the site on Saturday night. I was doing some cleaning on the site, removing some items that I hadn’t used for a while, and accidentally deleted some other vital files including pretty much the entire blog. Oops! Plus, to make matters worse, I hadn’t made a backup. Double-oops!

I was fortunate to find some old copies of the vital files on another computer in my Dreamweaver local site… whew! Functionality to the site was back! I was still missing a bunch of images from posts… images that I didn’t have any more. I mean, what could possibly happen to them once they were uploaded? They’ll be there forever! I was lucky to find a Google cache of my site with a good portion of the images still in tact… whew again!

So as far as I can tell, it looks like I dodged the bullet getting everything back up again. If you notice anything funny with the site let me know. So what lesson have we learned? BACKUP! BACKUP! BACKUP!

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