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Here we go again… It’s been about five years since the last redesign, so I figured it was probably about time to try again. A lot has happened on the web in the past five years. The new design should hopefully catch a number of new trends and technologies available for websites. Like usual, I felt the design was “done enough” to launch, but there will likely be some rough edges that still need to be sanded off. I’ll be getting to those as I run across them. I’ve got a few new ideas for things as well that will be rolling out over the next few weeks and months. Here are some of the updates I’ve made.

  • Responsive – The site is finally responsive (yay!), so it will actually be usable on a mobile phone.
  • Sidebar – I cut down on the massive sidebar that used to live on the site. I looked at trends and traffic for the plethora of items I had in that sidebar and cut it down significantly.
  • Footer – A few of the items I cut from the sidebar now live in the larger footer on the site (but not all of them).
  • Portfolio – This page has been updated with an easier to view/use listing of stuff I’ve made.
  • Photos – This still need to be updated with the new design, but it’s not going away. I’ll get to that eventually. I’m still pulling my latest mobile photos to the site sidebar to add a little color and an interesting changing feature.

In creating this new design, I starting digging through the design path this site has taken over the years. I originally launched in August of 2004. I was able to dig up screenshots of all the previous design to provide a trip down memory lane.

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