Online Secret Santa

Secret Santa Project Want to get a Christmas present from a total stranger for Christmas this year? All you need is an Amazon wish list and to sign up for Secret Santa 2004. You enter your name, e-mail, a little information about yourself (a website if you have one), and a link to you Amazon wish list into the site. Your name then goes into the big internet hat and is drawn and e-mailed to someone who will buy you a Secret Santa gift. You also get a name and a wish list to buy a present for someone else. They do request that there are a few items on your wish list under $15.

They draw for names on Dec. 10th to allow time to get your anonymous shopping done before Christmas. Sign up… maybe you’ll get my name. If you do, I want the Audi TT Roadster (it’s just a little more than $15)!


gravatar Troy

Interesting. Have you done this? I’m a bit leery of giving out my personal info…

gravatar John

I hope I get some rich generous person who gives me an iPod or something!

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