New Mentos Flavors

new mentos flavorsI recently received a new shipment of Japanese Mentos from newly badged (no I don’t have any badges) Mentos Ambassador Roth. Within this shipment were a few new flavors I’ve never seen before and (as of this writing) never tasted before. Grape, Strawberry and Mint are available in the U.S., though these wrappers are brighter. The new flavors include Apple, which I think is different than the U.S. Sour Apple. Citrus Mango, which is the roll I’m really looking forward to tasting. The last flavor, Juicy Cassis, is the most unique in this package. I have two of each flavor in this package, so that means I get to try one of them, with the 2nd going into the archive. Also, rumor has it, Mentos Ambassador Roth will be returning to Japan and could probably pick up a few more rolls if a certain flavor turns out to be delicious.


gravatar r. roth

We were happy to bring back the mentos from Japan. Now we have another reason to return to Japan….besides the fact that we LOVE Japan.

gravatar ff

I don’t think you mentioned the new flavors to us when we were in your fair city. Perhaps you didn’t remember to share ….or could it be…you just wanted to keep them for a more special occasion.?!

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