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mentos canBack again after a major life change… I got married on the 14th, and then followed that up with a honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. And all you loyal readers know what a vacation to a foreign country means… new Mentos! There wasn’t too much to find in Puerto Vallarta. I looked around in the few drugstores (or farmacias, as they call them) and didn’t really see anything. They did have shorter mint rolls in our hotel (for 70 pesos) though. We hit the jackpot at the airport on the way out. In the Duty Free shops, there was a small display with Mentos-roll-shaped cardboard tubes filled with several rolls (I’ve already got one of these), and little pencil holder things filled with mini-mentos (also already have one of these). The one thing I didn’t have was the Mentos can. It is a blue can filled with individually wrapped Mentos in all flavors. They even have “mystery” wrappers where you have to guess what flavor is inside. My favorite part about the can is the lid. If you pop it down and then squeese the edges, it will launch the Mentos into your mouth (there are illustrations on top showing how to do this). I tried it in the airport and the candy smacked the back of my throat and fell on the floor. I quickly picked it up and ate it (3 second rule). I think I need more practice.


gravatar Brian

“Mentos-roll-shaped cardboard tubes filled with several rolls”

That is the only “mentos” item I ever saw in South America. It was in a very “American” gift shop, in a very tourism-financed airport. They still sold Golpe candy bars and “BigTime” gum though. The BigTime name is no joke, they’ve got a monopoly on the chewing gum market in South America… 🙂

gravatar Charlie

Which airport’s floor? I can’t think of an airport I’d apply a non-zero second rule to in the US. 😉

gravatar Erika

Hello there…
I had fun reading your comments. It is funny that I was searching online for the mentos can and found your mentos story. I too have recently returned from Puerto Vallarta and found the mentos can in the duty free shop! Where can you buy this in the US? I am searching online but can not find them. I will have to go with the mint individually wrapped flavor but do also enjoy the variety.

gravatar Mary


I just got back to Iowa City from Switzerland and now you’re not here?!?! I’m holding your European mentos hostage until you send me your mailing address….


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