Holy Chinese Mentos!

mentos_holy.jpgAnother Mentos shipment has arrived safely from China. Mentos Ambassador Stoll has done it again. The Mentos flavors themselves aren’t that unique. Two of the three flavors can be found in the U.S. (mint and fruit). The third flavor (Lime-mint) is a little more special. The thing that makes this shipment different, is first, the wrappers. You only see the double-wrapper on Sour Mentos rolls here in the U.S. I’ve never really been sure why that was. Maybe the the sour flavor needs an air-tight package to stay fresh (the texture on those Mentos is a little different than your standard rolls). Anyway, all three of these rolls have the double-wrapper. Maybe the atmospheric conditions in China make the extra wrapper necessary… who knows! The other thing that makes these Mentos special is that they are holy. Yes, that’s right. Mentos Ambassador Stoll had these Mentos blessed by the Dalai Lama. They arrived air-mail from China wrapped in a lovely Tibetan prayer scarf (the white cloth underneath the rolls). I frankly can’t think of anything better to bless than rolls of Mentos, the sweet sweet candy of the gods.

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gravatar Alinda

Hello there,
I’m a Mentos collector and does anybody knows how I can get theses Chinese mentos?
Thnx a lot!!

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