David After Dentist: Family Video to Viral Sensation

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Presenter: David DeVore – David After Dentist

Description: What motivated our family to post the first “David After Dentist” video. What was our reaction to the video going viral — and why we decided to embrace the massive popularity. How David has reacted to all the attention and how we have tried to control his exposure. The negative aspects and how we chose to handle it. Learn all this and more at this fun-filled session!

The video has been viewed over 54 million times today.
YouTube said that this was the 2nd most viewed video after Susan Boyle.
On the Tosh.0 show

How did this happen?

  • They did it because David’s mom couldn’t be there. Dad stays at home and had to take David to the dentist.
  • David would get very nervous about the dentist (7yrs old).
  • Decided to use flip cam to show David his nervousness was worse than the actual event, and to show Mom. The plan was to record the whole day.
  • It was originally shown to just family and friends (email or at home).
  • Got into Facebook later, and posted to wall. FB friends really liked it.
  • Feb, ’09 it got posted to Youtube to make it easier since other’s wanted to see it. It was made public.
  • David was asked if he was OK with it being posted for public view, and he was OK with it.
  • The night it was posted it had 10k views… shocked.
  • Radio shows picked up on it the following Monday morning. They did a lot of radio interviews. They started pulling it up on YouTube after hearing on radio. The following day it was up to 3 million views.

Were we OK with this many people seeing it?

  • Are we OK with this? Was David OK with it?
  • We’ll make a family adventure out of this and see what happens.
  • Nothing has happened that the family hasn’t been comfortable with.

Jimmy Kimmel – Tosh.0 – Other features

  • ABC/Disney wouldn’t allow Jimmy Kimmel to use it because of the subject matter.
  • The family was able to go out and warm up the audience even though they couldn’t be on the show.
  • Were able to go to Disney World and get a photo with Dentist Mickey and Minnie
  • Went on Tosh.0, and did a portion of that show.
  • Super Bowl Commercial – hired an actor to recreate video with Beyonce.



  • People thought dad drugged David, or the car was moving.
  • Chicago Sun Times wrote a scathing article about the video – her daughter showed the author the video.
  • The popularity of the video jumped after the article (Today Show, Tyra Banks, Bill Oreily)
  • Took off outside the US as well.
  • David has been protected from much of it. The TV was turned off. An awards show wanted to use part of it, but they turned it down.
  • David Loves In-N-Out Burger!!! (smart kid!)

Monetization = Paying for College

  • Maybe they can buy a bike or video games, and it grew.
  • Maybe they can pay for college or even the other children.
  • That would be the best thing to get out of it.
  • They’ve been able to do some charitable things, and show David about doing good things.
  • Majority of the money is from the YouTube partner program (ad share). Sometimes there will be a sponsored ad on another page.
  • Visio commercial licensed the video.
  • They’ve turned several down, and some companies have also turned down using it.
  • Europe and Australia have used the video for several shows (license fee).
  • Doctors and Dentists have approached as a funny opening, or also as part of an education program showing effects of anesthesia. Harvard used it in some current events class.
  • Licensing was a challenge (legal documents) – Hollywood is used to paying very little money with very strict legal requirements. America’s Funniest Videos owns the video forever whether they use it or not.

Family Business

  • Tshirt and promotional material is all done at home.
  • New logo created by Genine Shafer
  • Brand new website went live last night (http://davidafterdentist.com) – over 100,000 new video views a day.

“It’s just really cool to be a part of something like this. The positive comments from people are great.”


  • What was the first trip back to the dentist like?
    The surgeon that did it didn’t want to have anything to do with it. The regular dentist loves it, and has been very nice about the whole thing.
  • How


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Ha ha ha, we just watched that in February! I know you secretly attended this session and posted this for me . . . 😉

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