Monthly Archives: June 2010

CrosT Application for WebOS

For the past several months, I have been working with a colleague of mine (Matt) on a mobile app for WebOS (Palm Pre and Palm Pixi).  It started with an idea from Matt’s wife while they were waiting at the port of entry in Nogales to cross the border back  into the US while visiting… Read more »

Mentos & Diet Coke World Record Broken Again

The Guinness World Record for Mentos and Diet Coke has been broken yet again, this time by the Tour College of Changchun University in China. The previous record was set by Turbia University for 1911 fountains. The new record was set with 2175 fountains. “We ordered 2,450 packs of sweets from a local supermarket, and… Read more »

Mentos Powered Rocket Car

Those crazy guys at Eppybird have done it again. They’re the guys who brought you the amazing Mentos fountains. This time around they’re using Coke Zero (apparently it works as good as Diet Coke) and Mentos to make a rocket car. 108 bottles of Coke Zero and 648 Mentos propel the car (and driver) 212… Read more »