CrosT Application for WebOS

For the past several months, I have been working with a colleague of mine (Matt) on a mobile app for WebOS (Palm Pre and Palm Pixi).  It started with an idea from Matt’s wife while they were waiting at the port of entry in Nogales to cross the border back  into the US while visiting some family in Mexico. If you’re unfamiliar with crossing the border, it can take a very long time just sitting in a long line of cars waiting. The idea was to create a mobile app that you could look up the current wait times at any port of entry into the US (we added Canada too). This issue we got the ball rolling on an application called CrosT.

We decided to jump into this app using WebOS since it had a pretty simple, straight-forward development environment. The end product we came up provides quick access to current border crossing times (commercial, passenger, or pedestrian) into the US from Mexico or Canada, or into Canada from the US. CrosT will also provide a listing of the nearest ports of entry to your current location, using your device’s built-in GPS function. If you have a WebOS device, and a need for quick access to border crossing times on your WebOS device, give CrosT a download.

CrosT provides border wait times for entry into the United States and Canada conveniently formatted for your Palm Pre or Pixi, in the NAFTA zone language (English, French or Spanish) of your choice. CrosT can also tell you where the nearest crossing is and allows you to bookmark the reports you most frequently access for quick review. CrosT is the only application available for WebOS that provides this information for both the northern and southern borders of the United States in all NAFTA zone languages.

CrosT is the first of what will hopefully be a series of mobile apps we create. As we develop more apps, we’ve set up a small company called Pivotal Cog to serve as a central point for our future development.

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