Monthly Archives: August 2008

Best Unboxing Video EVER!

This is probalby the best unboxing video I’ve ever seen. It is for the Samsun Omnia i900 phone. It seems that it was actually created by Samsung, to go viral… and it sure has. I’d totally buy this phone if it came like this!

Demo of MS Photosynth Composing App

Microsoft Research at The Univeristy of Washington has put together a really amazing new demo of thier Photosynth Composing Application. It takes large collections of photos from many different users (i.e. flickr or smugmug), and builds a 3D environment out of those photos by stiching them together at various locations and depths around the subject…. Read more »

Evernote – Extremely Handy, Note Taker/Sharer Thing

At work I split my time between two physical offices. That can make keeping notes and paperwork between the two somewhat difficult. Enter Evernote, the super handy multi-platform information capture tool. Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible… Read more »

The Internet Crisis?

Last week the FCC ruled that Comcast acted against their open-Internet principles by improperly slowing peer-to-peer BitTorrent traffic. Up to that decision, and shortly after that decision became official, there have been several good articles written on the topic. Some are strongly for it, and some strongly against. Some simply ask if it was necessary… Read more »