Monthly Archives: February 2008

iTunes Library Updater

iTunes Library Updater has become my handy program of the last few months. Getting married last summer meant merging two collections of music in one place. It also meant getting two separate installations of iTunes to work with this merged collection (we both have ipods). If any of you have attempted this, you know that… Read more »

Entertaiment PC: Software

This is a continuation of a few older posts on the entertaiment PC. Adding HD to the Entertaiment PC Building an Entertainment PC: The Guts Much of what I’ve done with software on this computer is based loosely on Jon’s system. The core to both of our systems is a little piece of software called… Read more »

Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper

Cherry Chocolate (rain) Diet Dr. Pepper viral marketing campaign = Great! (based on the internet video Chocolate Rain) Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper (the drink) = Yucky!