Monthly Archives: November 2007

2007 Holiday Gift Guides

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, I thought I’d hand out my yearly list of online gift guides. This is just a handful of the guides out there on the net. These are probably more geared towards geek-gift-givers (which is how I do my shopping). If you run across another one… Read more »


Songza is a new service that launched in early November that lets you find and listen to new music. It’s similar to Last.FM and Pandora, but instead of of a radio station-type system where you’re provided with a stream of similar songs based on your ratings, Songza lets you search for an artist or song… Read more »

Band Geeks

As if being in marching band wasn’t geeky enough (I can say that… I was in band!). Check out Cal’s video game marching band show… it is awesome! This brings new meaning to the term “Band Geek.”

Rsizr Intelligent Photo Resizing

I ran across a really neat web app today that looks very similar to what was being demoed in my previous post on Advanced Photo Resizing. Go to, and upload an image to resize. This little web app will resize your photos by taking out unimportant information. I uploaded a photo of myself and… Read more »

Balloon Dog Anatomy

As a balloon artist myself, I had a general idea of the balloon dog anatomy, but this chart shows everything. I’ll have to whip this out the next time a crying child comes back to me with a broken balloon animal requesting me to perform balloon surgery. After months of observations, dissections and a 25… Read more »